Handmade natural hardwood boxes since 1989
for jewelry and your other special stuff made in the USA!

We are a very small company specializing in handmade wood jewelry and other functional yet decorative boxes. We, Al and Deb, have been making museum quality wooden gifts for over 20 years now.

We attend a few Art Fairs during the year, mostly in the Midwest, but prefer to stay home with our dogs and cats and sell our boxes online.

We have a large website, with hundreds upon hundreds of box pictures, where you can purchase our wood jewelry and other boxes.

Here’s a copy and paste  link in case of browser issues              http://www.BurlWoodBox.com

You can also purchase some of our wooden boxes in our Etsy.com shop

Again here is a copy and paste link


We also have FaceBook Page where all likes and follows are greatly appreciated 🙂

You may also find an occasional tweet from us      @BurlWoodBox

Feel free to contact us about your wooden box wants or needs. As long as it falls within a band saw wood box parameter we juts might be able to help you out.

BurlWoodBox@yahoo.com for the email

734 662-7274 for the phone, if we cannot get the tools shut down when playing race to beat the answering machine…leave us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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